Demonstrating the practical impact
of generic Posture Control Insoles™

Delivery drivers and flight attendants are two groups who place continual occupational stress on their lower limbs and back, and  stay on their feet for hours at a time.

With management approval, we approached volunteers in these groups who were willing to try our Posture Control Insoles™ and report their experiences.  Generic Posture Control Insoles™ were provided to determine if a non custom product would  be effective for a cross section of the public.

Fifty-one Alaska Airlines  flight attendants participated.  Thirty-two provided written reports on their experience with the generic Posture Control Insoles™.  For each category of pain, Alaska Airlines flight attendants reported:

Percent of respondents reporting some relief.

Percent of respondents reporting better than 50% relief.


  • The participants in these studies received a pair of generic Posture Control Insoles™.   The participants reported significant pain reduction (exceeding 50%) in 39% of the foot pain cases, 35% of the low back pain cases and 40% of the knee pain cases.  Across the spectrum,  80% reported that they could feel a recognizable difference. 
  • In clinical studies, 336 patients suffering from low back and knee pain were provided with custom fit Posture Control Insoles™.  72% of the knee pain patients and 82% of the low back pain patients reported better than 50% reduction in chronic pain. 

  • Combining an improved foot foundation with your chiropractic care will yield results beyond your expectations. 

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