Table of Contents
The Foot Connection
Neural Posture
Chiropractic Emphasis on Posture
Posture Response to Hyperpronation
A Hyperpronated Foundation
Two Approaches: Dr. Root & Dr. Rothbart
Chiropractors' Tool
Why the PCI™ Works
A Perspective on Current Orthotics
Fundamentals for Understanding PCI™s
Releasers & Bracers
In-toeing & Out-toeing
The 30/70 Rule & Ground Forces
Internal Longitudinal Arch Configuration
Using PCI™s
Initial Patient Evaluation Appraisal & Plan of Action
Evaluate the Internal Longitudinal Arch
Measure the First Metatarsal Deficit (FMD)
Check the Patient's Shoes
Sizing the Posture Control Insoles™
Obtain Feedback from the Patient
Patient Compliance & Explaining What to Expect
Importance of Following Break-in Instructions & Patient Diary
Patient Management - Initial Evaluation & Fitting
Patient Management - First Follow-up
Patient Management - Second Follow-up
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