We asked some questions of six doctors that over the course of the last five months (February - June 2002), they have jointly fitted over 300 patients with Posture Control Insoles™.   Here is a little sampling of our favorite answers.  For all 20 questions, see our website. 

Dr. Steve Thain, Elite Chiropractic, Bellevue, WA just celebrated 16 years in practice and employs a full staff including three associate doctors of chiropractic.

Dr. Thain, how have your patients responded to Posture Control Insoles™?
A couple of months ago, I saw a new patient who had chronic low back pain. She had been under treatment by another chiropractor, but her treatment had reached a plateau. Although less, using my techniques and exercise, her problem persisted. She was among the first patients I decided to introduce the PCIs to after I had tried them. For the first time her problem entirely abated. She is very happy about that and so am I.

Dr. Matt Russell, Russell Chiropractic Center, Olympia, WA has been in practice over 12 years; long enough to develop the attitude that he needs a number of tools to provide optimal care for his patients.

Dr. Russell, do many of your patients wear orthotics?
A large percentage have worn or looked into it before. There are a lot of people wearing orthotics that are not doing them any good or even harming them. A lot of people have been surprised when I have tossed their orthotics in the garbage can. They tell me that they have paid $400 for them, and I say: "Do you want to stay miserable because you paid $400, or do you want something that's going to work for you?"

Dr. Scott Hammons, Essential Chiropractic, Bellevue, WA is athletic and is a runner. During his three years in practice, he has developed a following of athletes who see him to stay healthy and optimize their performance.

Dr. Hammons, 6 months from now, what percentage of your patients do you think will wear Posture Control Insoles™?
A majority of my patients have low back issues whether the patient is aware of it or not. The results for the 30 patients we have fitted so far has been very good, and our feedback has been excellent, so when we have the program fully implemented, I believe about 60-80% of our patients should be wearing Posture Control Insoles.

Dr. Carl Jelstrup, Family Health Center, Bellevue, WA has been in practice for over 30 years. He has treated several generations within the same families which has allowed him some unique observations

Dr. Jelstrup, why would you recommend other chiropractors consider using Posture Control Insoles™ in their practice?
It's a very effective method to relieve many problems in case handling in the practice.

Dr. Dennis Cozzocrea, Precision Spinal Care, Yakima, WA has provided chiropractic care to Yakima residents for 12 years, and has a special interest in children.

Dr. Cozzocrea, how did you go about integrating Posture Control Insoles™ into your practice?
We just started! It wasn't a big deal to implement the use of PCIs into the practice. It's so quick. Lynn fits the patient on the spot or else schedules them to come back when we're not seeing patients, as a matter of fact she does it right at the front desk.

Dr. Dan Moroff, Exum Chiropractic, Orlando, FL has taken an active interest in the postural foundation since he started his practice 17 years ago. Among his heavily athletic clientele he has a large number of professional and amateur golfers.

Dr. Moroff, what has been your staff's reaction to fitting Posture Control Insoles™?
The office staff really looks at the PCI program as a way for us to differentiate ourselves from other chiropractic offices by the fact that we take a holistic approach to the patient, starting at the feet. I see them being excited about telling our patients that the doctor will even be looking at your feet to determine why you still hurt. The PCI program has been a positive force in my office.