Posture Control Insoles™ - An advanced Posture Tool

My philosophy as a health care provider, operating 8 physical therapy clinics, is that there is no better way to learn and internalize new methods and technologies than by teaching them.

I discovered Posture Control Insoles™ at a conference on chronic pain in Orlando Florida over a year ago.  Being familiar with the postural impact of Morton's Foot Structure (Travell), I found the concept developed by Dr. Brian A. Rothbart, DPM, PhD very intriguing.  It didn't take me long after being fitted with a pair to realize that my foot foundation had changed and that my posture was improving.

We have provided Posture Control Insoles™ to our patients with great success for the past 14 months, and true to my philosophy, I have incorporated teaching the benefits of this product in my seminars.

This is an excellent tool for managing posture.  It is simple and inexpensive to use.

Dimitrios Kostopoulos, P.T., Ph.D.

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