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When testing the Solemates, over 90% of the testers stated that Solemates significantly reduced the discomfort of wearing heels, and 73% said it removed that burning ball-of-foot pain althogether.

“I received my test “product” on Friday. Thought I’d give them a try right away. I was able to wear a pair of 3-1/2″ heels all evening comfortably… I haven’t worn these heels in years. I’m impressed!”
Susan – WI


I wore the pads with a pair of three-inch high heels. I usually will not be able to walk by late afternoon in this particular pair. So, I always carry a pair of flat shoes to wear for night activity. Surprisingly, with the pads, I was able to wear my three-inch into nights including activities in the restaurant and the bar. Amazing product!
Connie – WA


These are the greatest things since sliced bread!!
Vicky – NM


I have completed your study but just thought I’d let you know how wonderful the product is. Makes me stand more erect and prone on my feet and keeps my inner knees from taking the brunt of the strain. Easy to use for sure. Barely show in high heeled sandals and made me use my uncomfortable shoes because they no longer hurt. I could walk further and easier and more comfortably. I think you have a winner! Keep up the good work. May you sell lots and make your dream come true.
Kerry – WA


I have a long day ahead of me with a day full of sales of in and out of chef’s offices. I have my 5 inch Carlos Santana Black Heels on today so I am putting on my “Squooshies” that I have left over.
Gia – NV


I’m so excited about these. So simple. So profoundly effective! Rebecca – TN


I was at my 40th class reunion last weekend and I shared a pair of the stick-ons with a girlfriend (complaining of knee and hip pain). She was so excited she wanted to buy them on the spot. I told her I’d give you her e-mail address. It was really a sacrifice to give her a pair because I’m holding back a pair to wear at my daughter’s wedding August 31st. I’m afraid you won’t have them for sale before then and I want my day to be trouble free.
Kathy – NC


The Solemates do work to reduce foot pain with my highest and most uncomfortable heels. I’ve already recommended them to my business partner and we will both buy from your website. They will come in handy for my husband’s class reunion coming up! Mara – WA


I tried out the Comfort Lifts today with 4 inch heels and I loved them. Here is my feedback:
1) They are easy to put on.
2) They stayed in place all day-and it was 97 degrees here and I was at my volunteer job and the air conditioning did not reach my cubicle…!!
3) On a beach vacation I wore some rubbery, very soft flip flops but for some reason they rubbed a blister (which is now a callus) just below my second toe and it hasn’t gone away…oh no! The foot pads completely took the pressure off of this area.
4) When I took off my shoes at the end of the day and walked around-my feet felt exactly as comfortable as they did when I had on my heels!
5) I left the pads on when I switched to my tennis shoes to work out for 1/2 an hour on the treadmill. My feet felt great because once again the pressure was off of the calluses and overall my feet just felt great.
6) When I took the pads off they did not leave any yucky adhesive residue on my feet.
Thank you so much for allowing me to try these out!!
Sue – GA


I have shoes I have not been able to wear because of the intense pressure and pain I feel on the ball of my foot. With this product, I can wear my 4 inch heels with no pain – all day long. And, I also notice my posture shifts to a more upright position. I am impressed by this product which actually corrects the way my foot hits the floor and does not just provide more cushion to the painful area like many of the over-the-counter products. (and I have tried many of them hoping to get relief and comfortably wear my stylish heels.) I am more than happy to help with the testing of this product that has given me such incredible relief from the foot pain I have endured for many years.
Donna – WA


Has anyone tried to use these by sticking them on the *shoe* instead of the foot? Seems to me that that application might be more useful, as you wouldn’t have to keep discarding the pads, or saving them just for special occasions. Why can’t you just flip them around and insert them in your favorite pair of heels?

Hi Emily,
The Solemates™ are designed to be worn on the foot as a disposable. The main reason is that they’ll stay exactly where they are needed for maximum benefit even if you use open toe shoes or sandals where your feet move around more. When we tested the Solemates, we asked that they be worn both ways. Most women said it worked better and they liked it better on the foot-especially in open toe/heel shoes, but it’s perfectly OK to put them in your shoes. Getting the placement right is a little trickier so take a good look at how your feet are positioned in the shoes after you have walked a few steps. Be sure to note that when sticking them in your shoes, the left Solemate sticks in the right shoe and vise versa. The material will compress over time, so when the discomfort returns, it’s time to install a new pair.



These are great.

Joyce Notte

S I was beginning to really dislike summer because my feet hurt so much when wearing sandals. Sandals provide less support then shoes and I was in so much pain and miserable. That is until I tried wearing these totally AMAZING Solemate Comfort MicroLifts. I have Morton’s foot and I immediately felt relief when I put the pads on and slipped into my sandals. Before using these little pads, I would change shoes several times hoping to find relief from pain. With these pads my foot pain is GONE. I have wasted so much money on various types of Dr. Scholl’s insoles that never relieved my foot pain. Your product is far superior and I am ordering more today. I can’t thank you enough for making my foot pain go away! The phone support was awesome too and I really appreciated the help and the great product!


This is absolutely perfect. Thanks a lot, I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time.


OMG! I went to South Beach for the weekend and ordered a pair of high heels hurt to take with me. I couldn’t believe it I walked Ocean Blvd. and was able to walk on to the club and back to my room. I even saw some women taking their shoes off to walk back to their room I told them about the website!!! Love it got to order some more ASAP!!!!

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