70 years ago, Dr. Dudley J. Morton was among the very first to create foot orthoses  to correct the mechanical function of the foot.  Dr. Morton discovered that many people had a short first metatarsal bone compared to the second, and he created and patented a device to functionally lengthen the first metatarsal.


Hyperpronation has long been recognized as a major contributing factor to musculoskeletal injuries.  Historically, common foot, knee, hip, low back, shoulder, neck  and even TMJ problems have been traced back to an unstable hyperpronating foot foundation. 

Rothbart's Foot Structure

A decade ago, Dr. Brian A. Rothbart demonstrated that the cause of hyperpronation was connected to an ontogenic retardation of talar torsion.  The first metatarsal bone is not only short as discovered by Morton, but in 80% of the population the first ray is elevated and rotated (First Metatarsal Deficit). 

A new Technology is Developed and Patented

2000 marks the year of the first patent received by Dr. Rothbart for what is now called the Medial Column Foot System.  Dr. Rothbart, based on his Roots biomechanics training, initially believed that he needed to support the full First Metatarsal Deficit, but he soon discovered that the old concepts of accomodative foot support were unworkable.  As many patients reject arch supports, so did many patients reject full support of the first metatarsal deficit. 

Dr. Rothbart discovered that proprioceptive feedback caused the foot to dynamically reposition.  By observing the dynamic changes in his patients' gait, he determined that by filling 30% of the First Metatarsal Deficit using a wedge shape to accommodate the rotated first ray, he could reduce hyperpronation by approximately 70%.
Dr. Rothbart concluded that the only mechanism that could account for the amplification of the stimulus provided under the first ray was proprioception.

Posture Control Insoles™

Posture Control Insoles™ were first made available to chiropractors in January 2002.  Both the Posture Control Insoles™  and the process for fitting them closely follow Dr. Rothbarts patents and experience.  The insoles are ultra thin, quick to fit and inexpensive.   

Read a Paper on Medial Foot Systems by Dr. Rothbart.

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