The Basic Processes

Initial Patient Evaluation

To determine if the patient should be evaluated for PCIs, check the patientís shoes for uneven heel wear, and if confirmed, check for Mortonís Foot Structure (deep first web space).

Posture Dynamics has developed a form for evaluating, managing and tracking the patients.5


See Forms Section (in the back) to find full size copies of these and other patient management forms.

Record subjective musculoskeletal findings (symptoms). These symptoms may be presented by the patient in the form of specific complaints about pain. Other subjective findings may be recorded in conjunction with the treatment the patient is undergoing.

Record objective postural findings. The evaluation form prompts these objective findings which are organized in two categories, red and blue (see forms section).

Complete the Appraisal based on the objective findings.

Present the Plan of Action to the patient.

Record Objective Findings

The objective findings are recorded while observing the patient walk, stand and bend their knees.

With shoes off, have the patient walk (enough speed to be stable) a distance of 10-15 ft. in a straight line. The patientís head should be looking forward, not down at the feet.

Check each item on the form:

How severely are the feet pointing in or out, or are they straight?

Is the patient drifting or walking straight?

                    Is the patient symmetrical or asymmetrical?

5 These forms are available printed in color from Posture Dynamics, or may be copied from the back of this manual, or from the CD (Process refers to Red & Blue Objective Findings).

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