Based on the Objective Postural Findings, appraise the patientís Postural Condition:

  • Does the patient have Non-Progressive Postural Arthritis? (0-2 red findings)

  • Plan of Action

    Based on the patientís Postural Condition, determine a Plan of Action.

    If the patient has Non-Progressive Postural Arthritis, but your evaluation suggests that reducing hyperpronation would be an appropriate preventive care option, explain the benefits to the patient and recommend PCIs. .

    If the patient has Progressive Postural Arthritis:

  • Proceed with arch evaluation and FMD measurements.
  • 6 Postural Arthritis is a term defined by Dr. Rothbart, defining a postural condition which generally increases the patientís risk of developing arthritic conditions because of significant joint misalignment.

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