Management Process

The patient management process is a step-by step outline.

Initial Evaluation and Fitting the First PCI

  1. Perform initial evaluation for using Posture Control Insoles.

  1. Use evaluation form #1 INITIAL EVALUATION to determine if the patient has Progressive Postural Arthritis.
  1. Generally all patients with Mortonís Foot can benefit from using PCIs. Patients who do not have Progressive Postural Arthritis should use PCIs to help prevent its future onset. For patients diagnosed with Progressive Postural Arthritis, PCIs will be an integral part of pain reduction and slowing its progression.
  1. Proceed to evaluate the patientís arches and FMD. Record results on the Initial Evaluation form.
  1. Select the appropriate insole:

      Important: Never start the patient with 9.0 mm PCIs. If the patientís FMD measurement is 22-24 mm or more, start with 6.0 mm. After 7-10 days, evaluate the patientís gait, observing hyperpronation, to determine if the patient needs 9.0 mm PCIs.

  1. Trim and fit insoles in the patientís shoes. Have patient test by standing and walking with the new PCIs.
  1. Establish expectations for the patient.
  1. Instruct the patient on break-in.
  1. Instruct how to use the Patient Diary and remind the patient that you will review it during the next visit.

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