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If you are looking for insoles for your boots, you are probably also on your feet all day.

We’re often asked, “Which insole design should I get?” Here’s the inside scoop. All of our styles work exactly the same way, so the insoles that will work best for you depends entirely on the boots you have or are planning to get. Our insoles do not work anything like any other insoles. They restore proper posture to your feet and body which will enable your feet to cushion themselves better, balance your feet so you don't over pronate and supinate when walking on flat ground. ProKinetics® Insoles will not only make your feet feel better, but your entire body. Listen to the firemen below as they share their experience. One comment we hear all the time from our customers: "I have more energy at the end of the day".

There are all kinds of boots. Some of them look very good and are not for use in mud or the shop floor and others are special purpose boots. We have insoles for them too, and even for the boots you can't put insoles in. They are usually fashion boots and for them we have the Solemate® MicroLift™ that can be attached directly to the feet. We've got you covered.

If you can't trust your local fireman  •   •   •   •   •   • 

Two years ago we asked our local Olympia, Washington Fire Department to give us their opinion on the ProKinetics® Insoles.

Being an U.S. Army Infantry Officer in the mountains of Afghanistan, I use my feet daily to accomplish my mission. Over the past 2 years I have suffered from plantar fasciitis and Metatarsalgia due to my Morton's Foot and the excessive weight I have carried in body armor, weapons, and gear both in the palm groves of Iraq and sheer mountains of Afghanistan. I have tried custom orthotics, physical therapy, and every plantar fasciitis night splint, stretch, and treatment option in the book. My feet being so important to my profession, I continued to search and eventually found my solution in Prokinetics insoles. They are both comfortable and durable in my combat boots and workout shoes and assist me as I bring the fight to the enemy in the Global War on Terrorism. CPT MIKE SNODGRASS US ARMY INFANTRY

Test Yourself

When testing yourself to determine how much you over pronate, you will also discover why you pronate.

This exercise simulates what happens when you walk, and is an approximation of how much you structurally over pronate.  This is most easily done in front of a long mirror or with the assistance of a friend. 

Step 1

First, stand on a hard surface with your feet comfortably apart, toes straight forward and feet parallel.  Lean slightly forward and bend your knees so that your hips drop 8-10 inches straight down. Don't squat, and keep your heels on the ground. 

Your knees should neither move inward (medially) nor outward (laterally) when you bend them, so if you have to, force your knees to move straight forward so they are alighed with the middle of your feet (third toes).

Next, from this position, move your knees slowly toward each other until you feel full weight bearing pressure under the balls of your feet behind your big toes. Not all the pressure, but at least as great as anywhere else under the foot.

Next, with knees in that position, draw an imaginary line from the middle of your knee straight down to the ground (the blue line in the picture)

6.0 mm:  If the line touches your feet in the orange range, you will do best with 6.0 mm Ultra Thin Insoles or add the orange wedge to your ProKinetics® Replacement Insoles. 

3.5 mm:  If the line touches your feet in the red zone you will most likely do well with 3.5 mm Ultra Thin Insoles or without adding the orange wedge to your ProKinetics® Replacement Insoles. 

Step 2

The wear pattern of your shoes indicate how you respond to your own structural pronation (what you just measured).

Over 60% of people who over pronate need to start in 3.5 mm insoles and graduate to 6.0 mm later. 
You are in this group if you tend to have an outside heel strike with a wear pattern that tracks forward on the outside heel and if you have a middle to outside wear pattern in the forefoot.

If in doubt, you can purchase the Perfect Fit™ which like the ProKinetics, contains all the components you need to start conservatively and graduate to more Kinetic Technology™ (forefoot wedge) if you need it. 

Rule of Thumb: If your shoes wear hardest from the middle toward the outside edge, you should always start in 3.5 mm or the red wedge. If you wear your shoes hardest from the middle toward the inside edge of your shoes, and if the knee bend test indicates you need 6.0 mm, you can start with 6.0 mm or the orange wedge. When in doubt, always be conservative. This is a technology where more is not better unless you actually need it.

The orange wedge attaches on top to provide 6.0 mm correction.

Stand with feet parallel and do a 1/4 knee bend.

Observe how far the knees have to move inward in order for the inside of the foot to become weight bearing.

If your wear pattern looks like any of these you will do best starting with 3.5 mm insoles and go to 6.0 mm after 7-10 days.

If your wear pattern looks more like this, you can start directly with 6.0 mm correction if needed.

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Replacement Insoles

If your boots have removable insoles, the ProKinetics Natural Body Balance Insoles makes it quick and easy—these insoles take the place of your old inserts.

Women's ProKinetics®
Natural Body Balance
Woman's Size SKU
Women 6-7½ SKU #2
Women 8-9½ SKU #3
Women 10-11½ SKU #4
Women 12-13½ SKU #5

Men's ProKinetics®
Natural Body Balance:
Men's Size SKU
Men 4½ - 6 SKU #2
Men 6½ - 8 SKU #3
Men 8½ -10 SKU #4
Men 10½ -12 SKU #5
Men 12½ -14 SKU #6


The kit includes adhesive and complete instructions

Performance Guarantee:
ProKinetics® Insoles are guaranteed to satisfy your real expectations whether it is reducing pain, improving posture or enhancing athletic performance.   We back your expectations with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We know that your posture may take a few weeks to adjust to your new foundation, and that pain does not resolve instantly, so if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, return the used insoles within 90 days of order for a full refund - including shipping and handling.  Details

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Ultra Thin Insoles

Perfect Fit™—Best buy for first time buyers

Perfect Fit™

The Perfect Fit™ contain two pair of Ultra Thin insoles, so you get both strength of correction 3.5 mm and 6.0 mm.


$80.00 with arch support

*Choose#1 (low) Arch for flat feet and mild Plantar Fasciitis.  Choose #2 (high) Arch for severe Plantar Fasciitis or NO arch if not needed.

Single Pair

Package contains one pair of Ultra Thin insoles, 3.5 mm or 6.0 mm. Specify #1 or #2 Arch support or NO arch support.


$59.95 with arch support

*Choose#1 (low) Arch for flat feet and mild Plantar Fasciitis.  Choose #2 (high) Arch for severe Plantar Fasciitis or NO arch if not needed.

If you use these insoles in sneakers or in shoes or boots with removable insoles, we recommend you place the Ultra Thin insoles underneath the insoles that came with your shoes.


Ultra thin insoles Ultra Thin Insoles are just 2 mm thick and can be placed right over the lining in your boots or shoes. If you have removable insoles, use the Replacement Insoles above or place the Ultra Thin insoles underneath the removable insoles.

Trade-in an extra pair:
If you purchased a Perfect Fit™ package and you have an extra pair, you can trade it in—even if they're used. If you needed the 3.5 mm for only your start-up phase, you can even trade them in for a new pair of 6.0 mm insoles. Or, if you decide that 3.5 mm is all you need and have an extra pair of 6.0 mm, you can trade for another pair of 3.5 mm. For a new pair the trade in is just $10 plus shipping, or $15 for a used pair.

Performance Guarantee:
ProKinetics® Ultra Thin Insoles are covered by our standard full insoles performance guarantee.

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The ordering process is simple.  Choose your size and how many you want.

Medium fits women's size 6 - 10 and men to size 8 1/2
Large fits women greater than 10 and men 9-up

Comfort MicroLifts

3 pair package      $9.95

12 pair package   $31.85

Durability: On the feet: 1-3 uses.
In shoes: Varies, up to 30 uses.

Solemates single order:

Never be without your Solemate™ - Set up a recurring order so you receive a fresh supply every 30, 60 or 90 days. No Shipping charge. 

Solemates recurring order:


Excellent Customer Service
If you have questions or need some practical assistance, we are here to help you Monday through Friday from 8-5 Pacific time. Don't hesitate to call 888-790-4100.





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