Replacement Insoles

Ultra Thin InsolesLight weight (32 grams), ProKinetics® Natural Body Balance™ incorporates both 3.0 mm and 6.0 mm correction. Out of the box, the insoles have 3.0 mm Kinetic Technology™. Increase to 6.0 mm by adding the included set of orange wedges. Use with or without arch support as needed.

ProKinetics® Natural Body Balance™ Insoles are designed for use in shoes that have removable shoe insoles or sock liners.

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NOTE: Don’t fit ProKinetics® Insoles in worn out shoes or anti pronation or motion control shoes.

All-In-One Kit

Perfect Fit

Start with the pre installed (red) amount of correction (3.0 mm). After 7-10 days you may graduate to the next level (6.0 mm) by adding the orange wedge if needed.

Use the removable arch supports if you have flexible flat feet or suffer from Plantar Fasciitis.

Easy instructions

Ultra Thin InsolesRead user instructions

Need help

If you have any questions about our products, your specific condition and experience or our risk-free trial, please call us at 1-888-790-4100. Knowledgeable help is available Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM Pacific time.

If you prefer, you may also place your order by phone if you do not feel comfortable ordering over the internet.


You may return ProKinetics®Natural Body Balance™ Ultra Thin and Replacement insoles within 90 days from date of purchase for a full refund including original shipping and handling charges.

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