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Medical Doctors - why they recommend PCIs


In the past, only homeopathic and osteopathic physicians approached medicine from a multidisciplinary perspective. Today, an increasing number of doctors realize that you cannot isolate a ligament, joint or even a tooth and treat it exclusively without being cognizant of its interaction with other parts of the body. They are the new breed of medical professionals that see the body as an integrated system. They are the medical doctors and health care professionals who appreciate why and when to recommend Posture Control Insoles®.

Posture Control Insoles® are designed for people willing to take responsibility for improving their health and quality of life and the physicians who are willing to help them do so.

 Bio-Feedback   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •

Before prescription drugs and surgery became the focus of medicine, medical scholars from Harvard and other top medical colleges published papers and books on how poor posture impaired the health of every organ in the body.

Today, unfortunately, most doctors believe that posture, like breathing, is something we really do not have good control over. The truth is that both breathing patterns and posture are established by habit and habits can be altered using deliberate biofeedback.

The instant you think about your breathing or posture, you control it! Posture Control Insoles® help you form a new postural habit with no conscious effort.

Why don't podiatrists and orthopedic surgeons offer Posture Control Insoles®?

It is mostly a business decision.  Surgery and orthotics is what they are trained to do and it's far more profitable than Posture Control Insoles®.

Procedures that could be dramatically reduced like arthroscopic knee surgery and custom orthotics total more than $5 billion annually in the US,  generating huge profits. 

Since you are on the paying end of this business, you might like our solution better.

It makes good sense to try Posture Control Insoles® first.


Dr. Bernard Filner, MD

Musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain is by far the most common complaint and main reason for visits to the doctor's office.  I see mostly severe, chronic  cases ranging from foot and lower extremity pain to back and neck pain, and many of these patients have tried custom orthotics or even had unsuccessful back surgery.  I zero in on posture and gait mechanics, and fit most of my patients (85%) with Posture Control Insoles® to bring them back to a healthier posture.   Starting with Posture Control Insoles® makes my other treatment methods more effective because my patients no longer have the high degree of muscle tension and pain caused by excessive hyperpronation and poor posture.

My personal transformation to exclusively treat chronic pain patients required an expanded perspective on medicine.  I met Dr. Brian Rothbart in the mid 90’s, who showed me that poor posture was frequently caused by excessive pronation and was the cause of most musculoskeletal pain. I took Dr. Rothbart’s correlation between excessive pronation, poor posture and chronic pain and reviewed my patient population for excessive pronation. I discovered that 100% of my patients excessively pronated – I have not found one in more than three years who did not. Looking at pronation as a root problem caused me to re-evaluate why other very common treatments for back pain resulting from excessive pronation fail so frequently - take arch supports for example. Yes, arch supports “support” your feet but that only makes them weaker.  It may make your feet feel better and even ease the spasms in your back  temporarily.  However, arch supports only support your feet at midstance so your gait and stance will  largely remain distorted. Understanding posture has really changed the way physicians can provide faster and better treatment to people suffering from great pain.

If you are just experiencing your first aches or you suspect that your posture is poor because you hyperpronate,  by all means give Posture Control Insoles® a try.  Don't let your condition deteriorate.  If left untreated, the body will try to compensate to eliminate the pain which over time will lead to new, often different and worse pain.  These pain-compensation cycles will continue until treated or until the body breaks down.  By this time the disease may impact digestion, incontinence, heart palpitations and other vital aspects of health.

If you are in significant chronic pain, I suggest that you seek a practitioner near you that offers Posture Control Insoles®. With that practitioner, I believe you will find a health care advocate who is willing to take the time to understand your medical history and treat you in a more holistic manner.

Dr. Bernard Filner, MD

Dr. Bernard Filner, MD, formerly Associate Professor of Anesthesiology at George Washington University Medical Center and now in private pain management practice in Rockville, Maryland.





















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Dr. Gerald Smith, DDS

What I call "whole body dentistry" is not part of the current curriculum for dentists and orthodontists.   Cosmetic dentistry in particular is focused on aligning the teeth for a better look.  As the teeth are moved and straightened, the patient's bite may change which in turn can lead to serious musculoskeletal disorders and chronic pain.  Traditional dentistry requires extreme caution when fitting crowns, dental bridges and performing tooth extractions.

A change in the bite changes the pressures on the jaw and the maxilla which holds the upper teeth.  This in turn modifies the sutures (attachments between the bones) of the skull and the shape of the occipital bone, which is the lower bone of the skull to which the spine is attached.  These changes can cause descending postural distortion - in other words, something has happened above the neck that affects the posture from that point downward throughout the rest of the body.  This isn't a big surprise.  Imagine a ten-story building where the top three stories are shifted so the building is out of balance.  It might start leaning which will cause even greater stresses on the floors below.  Your body works the same way.      

Sometimes shimming a tooth by as little as the thickness of a sheet of 24-pound paper significantly and positively changes the postural impact of the bite.  I frequently see my patients achieve relief from back and knee pain when I adjust so that their bite is in balance.   

Your feet have an even greater impact on posture, and most dentists are now aware that there is a connection between the feet, posture and TMJ dysfunction.  What I deal with, and what I learned from Dr. Rothbart are the complications that can occur when you have mixed ascending and descending posture influences from the feet and the bite at the same time.  These patients will just not get permanent pain relief from other treatments unless both the sources of posture distortions are addressed. 

This was problematic in the past because traditional orthotics do not consistently improve posture.  The Posture Control Insoles® offer far greater predictability. The postural changes we observe based on these seemingly insignificant (compared to orthotics) insoles are nothing short of astounding. 

By correcting the bite and postural foundation using Posture Control Insoles® most patients can become pain free.

With great appreciation to Dr. Brian Rothbart whom I recently visited at his clinic outside Rome in Italy.

Dr. Gerald Smith, DDS


Dr. Gerald Smith is a recognized international authority on craniomandibular somatic disorders with a focus on resolving chronic pain. He is author of two landmark textbooks for professionals, Cranial-Dental-Sacral Complex and Dental Orthogonal Radiographic Analysis.
He has been an active member of the Holistic Dental Association since 1993, the president of the Holistic Dental Association and editor of their professional journal until 2005. He also served as president of the Pennsylvania Craniomandibular Society.
Dr. Smith maintains a clinical practice, serving patients from around the world at his office in Langhorne  Pennsylvania.

Visit the web site of Dr. Gerald Smith DDS 









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Dr. David Salsbury, DO

Dr. David Salisbury introduces you to posture control insoles for your flat feet, knee pain, hip pain and general back pain. By activating the arch of the foot, pci's stimulate the foot to change rather than relying on a rigid orthotic. PCI's are suitable for nearly everyone.

Posture Control Insoles from Jonathan Baker on Vimeo.


Dr. David Salsbury is an osteopath who speicalizes in postural mechanics at
By Design Holistic Health
351 Main Street 
Lilydale, VIC 3140
Phone (03) 9735 7733

Visit the web site of Dr. David Salsbury DO  here









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Dr Petros Kattou, DO

Finally, an etiology (cause) for what Dr. J Gordon Zink DO labeled "Common Compensatory Patterns" has been established!  What we have learned from the research by Dr. Brian Rothbart is that the root cause for most of the postural distortions we see in our chronically ill patients is Primus Metatarsus Supinatus (an elevated first metatarsal). 

For the last 4 years I have used other brands of insoles including proprioceptive insoles by KS Italia and PZ Healthmarque, but the teachings of Dr. Rothbart and Posture Control Insoles® have given us better diagnostic tools, a root etiology and most importantly, a consistent and predictable tool for helping our patients to postural improvement and pain relief. 

European osteopaths have long considered posture a critical element of good health.  The postural connection to feet has been well established, but until obtaining the research by Dr. Rothbart we have lacked a full understanding of the connection between certain gait patterns and specific features (typically deficiencies) of the feet.

Dr. Rothbart is also on the leading edge in developing an understanding of the individual neuromuscular response to these features (bracers and releasers).  Now we can diagnose and treat with confidence because for the first time we have  orthotics,  Posture Control Insoles®, that give us a highly predictable outcome.

Our patients, Dr. Xydas and I thank you.

Dr. Petros Kattou, DO



Dr. Petros Kattou and Dr. Dinos Xydas practice is   in Nicosia, Cyprus.














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Predictable Performance

As Dr. Petros Kattou and clinicians worldwide attest, Posture Control Insoles® differ from custom orthotics in that Posture Control Insoles® predictably perform for patients all over the world.

Certain features of the feet combined with certain features of the gait dictate the use of specific Posture Control Insoles® or a progression of strength of Posture Control Insoles® and, in some instances, arch supports.  Arch supports may be applied to the Posture Control Insoles®, but are usually reserved for a specific reason, and often used temporarily to achieve a specific result.

When you understand the root cause of a problem, you truly have the upper edge - our edge is predictable performance.  As a result the customer success rate with Posture Control Insoles® exceeds 97% while the use of traditional custom arch support orthotics remains a $600 coin toss.

There is no need for fancy foot scans to convince you that you need Posture Control Insoles®.   For most people, fitting themselves with Posture Control Insoles® is as simple as following a 2-step process.  We guarantee the result. 
Go there now!

Using Posture Control Insoles® is a positive feeling from the start. Yes, you may feel isolated discomfort as your posture improves because you are after all changing old ingrained muscle patterns.  But, your overall discomfort should be easing and your performance should be improving with better range of motion, more strength and reduced aches and pain.

The results are guaranteed with our 90 day performance promise.  Be satisfied or all your money back including standard shipping and handling.


So simple
you can give yourself a Custom Fit ....

...for 1/10th
the price of custom orthotics




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Chiropractors - why they recommend PCIs


Since the initial practice of chiropractic, the focus has been on the spine and subluxations, which are partial, often non measurable dislocations of a joint.  When subluxations occur in the spine, they are thought to cause interference with the nervous system, which in turn, controls general health.

Through the years chiropractors have realized that in order to stabilize the spine, they need to stabilize the hips, and this is best done by stabilizing the feet - the foundation of the body’s posture.

Beyond Bones   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •

Historically, chiropractors have looked at the body from a static structural perspective, focusing predominantly on the spine. For many years, therefore, traditional arch support orthotics were the logical and virtually exclusive choice for pelvic stabilization. But as chiropractic has advanced, the undeniable realization that muscle imbalances are often at the root of misalignment of the spine (subluxations) has caused some chiropractors to become more involved in the dynamic and muscular aspect of the body.

While chiropractic techniques can realign the spine and surrounding joints, the inflamed, swollen soft tissue or  tension-wracked muscle that may have caused the subluxation, may also render the joint realignment a temporary fix.

Now, increasing numbers of chiropractors are including elements of soft tissue massage therapy in their practice, and they are swapping traditional static arch support orthotics for dynamic Posture Control Insoles® to help make their adjustments last longer.





You can shim (static) the foundation of a house to level it, but if it moves it  falls down. 

Since the human body moves all the time, it is more practical to work with the neuromuscular system (dynamic)  that maintains balance and posture. 

Dr. Daniel Moroff, DC

Having been a professional athlete, I appreciate the difference between orthotics that just support the feet versus orthotics that enable the feet to do their job of providing a stable dynamic foundation for the body.

Posture Control Insoles® stimulate your muscles to do the work which clearly builds strength in your feet. This is in opposition to arch supports, which reduce motion of the feet and have more in common with a cast used to heal broken bones. Keeping muscles active and strong, even in your lower extremities and your feet is vital to good overall health.

An even more important aspect of Posture Control Insoles® is that they have a significantly higher impact on posture. That is why I recommend them to a high percentage of my patients. My job as a chiropractor is to get my patients well quickly with as few visits to my office as possible. Foot imbalances and bad posture is often the root cause of my patients' pain.  When it is, Posture Control Insoles® prevent my patients from having to come back again... and again.

When I point out the range of disabilities that is caused by poor posture, my patients are frequently stunned. For example, poor posture can limit your ability to breathe correctly.  If your chest is caved inward because of your imploded posture, you stop breathing normally with your diaphragm.  Instead your breath will be shallow and fast using only the top of your lungs.  You may end up hyperventilating which, according to Dr. Leon Chaitow DO, leads to anxiety (“Multidisciplinary Approaches To Breathing Disorders”).

Speaking of wind, if you play wind instruments or sing, poor posture limits your endurance as well as you ability to reach high notes. Look at Barry Manilow's posture - no slouching there!

Holistic dentists are realizing that poor posture can lead to Temporal Mandibular Joint dysfunction (misalignment of the jaw), commonly called TMJ or “clicking jaw.”  By the same token, inaccurate dental work can lead to neck and shoulder pain. 

Poor gait and posture can cause bunions and shin splints and a whole host of other musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

Being based in Florida, I treat a huge number of golfers. When we restore their posture with Posture Control Insoles®, many of my patients find their golf game improving a lot. They are able to hit the ball harder and with more technical consistency. Over the past five years our staff has fit thousands of patients with Posture Control Insoles® and they have been effective for 99% of them. I could not say that for the orthotics I recommended before I discovered the Posture Control Insoles®.

Dr. Dan Moroff DC

Dr. Daniel Moroff has been in private practice for 19 years.  Exum Chiropractic is located in Orlando Florida

Many of Dr. Moroff's patients are professional and amateur athletes, and he himself is a world champion baseball (NYY) player.

















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Dr. Carl Jelstrup, DC

My life has been one of constant discovery and learning.  I have seen novel tools and methods come and go.  They usually died because they failed to yield consistent and positive patient outcomes. 

In the early 90's some of my patients were fitted with a first generation orthotics that almost a decade later were commercially introduced as Posture Control Insoles®.  I believed Dr. Rothbart had unearthed something very important, and I was delighted when Posture Dynamics introduced the insoles along with a complete training program for practitioners like me. Posture Control Insoles® quickly became a  standard tool in my practice.

Whenever I have a patient suffering from a compromised posture and that applies to nearly 100% of my patients, I check both the source of descending posture, the bite, and ascending posture, the feet.   Typically most of the patients will hyperpronate.   Balancing the feet and the cranium is a key to solid balanced posture which unlocks the body's self-healing power for virtually all musculoskeletal pain and secondary pain originating with subluxations.  

Dr. Carl Jelstrup DC


Dr. Carl Jelstrup has practiced in Bellevue Washington for nearly 30 years. 






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The Solution
The solution to your pain is improving your posture and gait mechanics which means controlling hyperpronation.  Posture Control Insoles® offer a new way to do this effectively by providing correct feedback to your feet so your muscles can respond appropriately to the shoes you wear and the surface you walk on.

Learn why you can save yourself time, money, and grief by trying Posture Control Insoles®

  before you try dangerous surgery
  before you try expensive custom orthotics
  before you try arch supports

Others have had the same pain you have right now and tried our Posture Control Insoles®. Click here to see what they discovered.






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Therapists - why they recommend PCIs


Orthopedic and podiatric doctors as well as old school chiropractors are primarily focused on structure - your bones, joints, tendons and ligaments.  Therapists focus on muscles, tendons, fascia and movement.  Together they all play a vital role in helping you maintain a healthy body.  Recognizing how important a balanced, erect posture and a stable foundation is to good health, therapists, and increasingly, chiropractors are performing routine posture assessments. 

Dr. Janet Travell MD   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •   •

Every field has its keystone teacher and author.  The First Lady of chronic pain, Dr. Janet Travell (1901-1997) was the White House physician to presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson.  Dr. Travell in cooperation with Dr. David G. Simons authored the defining works on myofascial pain, defining the function, behavior and pain potential of every muscle in the body.
She never had a chance to try a pair of Posture Control Insoles®.  In 1995, at the age of 94, when she met Dr. Brian Rothbart, she was dependent on a wheel chair, but that did not dampen her enthusiasm for his work and what it meant for people who suffer from muscle and joint pain.  She credited him with discovering the third dimension of the Morton's Foot Syndrome - the elevated first metatarsal.

President John F. Kennedy
While still the  Senator from Massachusetts, John F. Kennedy was so disabled with back and myofascial pain he frequently used crutches. His health  could  have prevented him from becoming president had it not been for the help of Dr. Janet Travell. His health was restored, enabling him to become the Presidential nominee and run a taxing national campaign.  Dr. Travell subsequently became his White House physician and stayed on through Lyndon B. Johnson's term. 

Dr. Travell changed the management of patients suffering from chronic myofascial pain. 
Letter from Dr. Travell

Dimitrios Kostopoulos PT, PhD

My philosophy as a health care provider, operating 8 physical therapy clinics, is that there is no better way to learn and internalize new methods and technologies than by teaching them. I discovered Posture Control Insoles® at a conference on chronic pain in Orlando Florida over 3 years ago.  Being familiar with the postural impact of Morton's Foot Syndrome (Travell), I found the concept very intriguing.  It didn't take me long after being fitted with a pair to realize that my foot foundation had changed and that my posture was improving.

We provided Posture Control Insoles® to our patients with great success, and true to my philosophy, I have incorporated teaching the benefits of this product in my seminars.

This is an excellent tool for managing posture.  It is simple and inexpensive to use.

Dr. Dimitrios Kostopoulos, PT

Dimitrios Kostopoulos PT, PhD,  teaches advanced physical therapy classes worldwide. 

Dr. Kostopoulos operates  8 physical therapy clinics in New York City.





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Mary Bond, Rolfing® Structural Integration Practitioner

An engineering maxim concisely states why our feet are so important: "As goes the foundation, so goes the building."  Unlike a building, though, our bodies move.  Our body's foundation must adapt to the uneven surfaces beneath our feet as well as to  the motion of the rest of our body above.  On an average day  our feet absorb up to three million pounds of pressure.  When our feet fail to support us properly, our whole body suffers.  Many therapists consider foot imbalances to be a major cause of low back pain and the source of problems as far away as shoulders, neck and jaw. 

When I teach workshops, I always notice how poor posture and a faulty foot foundation interrupts smooth motion.  The out-of- balance body becomes awkward and clumsy.  I don't hesitate to recommend Posture Control Insoles® - in fact I offer a reference to Posture Dynamics in my new book.  These tactile insoles have a profound impact on improving gait and posture.  For $50 I can think of few investments of better value. 

Mary Bond


Mary Bond movement instructor at the Rolf Institute and teaches  movement workshops nationally. 
Mary Bond has authored two books: Balancing Your Body, and The New Rules of Posture - How to sit, stand and move in the modern world.

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Craig Tedder, PT, MBA

Posture is something I look at as part of the overall puzzle when I put together a treatment plan.  Recovery will be slower if the patient's posture is off, and we can often trace the poor posture back to lower extremity function - particularly the feet.  Before I was introduced to Posture Control Insoles®, there was really nothing I could do for some of my patients who had foot imbalances that clearly impacted their posture and stability.  In the worst cases I had to rely on sending the patients out for custom orthotics.  Over time, though, I have come to think of custom orthotics as fairly unpredictable products.  While they sometimes provided help, in most cases they were not terribly effective, and often helped only temporarily.

With Posture Control Insoles®, I can quickly and inexpensively create a custom fit for a patient, follow and monitor them and make quick changes if necessary. 

We have switched several patients from arch supports to tactile stimulation using the Posture Control Insoles® and helped them fully recover. 

Why do they work so well?  Posture Control Insoles® are based on a structural and dynamic model that - based on observation - makes very good sense.   The company is pursuing more quantitative research, which I expect will firmly testify to the positive effects we observe on a daily basis using PCIs.

Craig Tedder


Craig Tedder is a Physical Therapist practicing in Olympia, Washington.

South Sound Physical
and Hand Therapy











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Getting Started

The ordering process is simple.  Two quick evaluations will tell you exactly what Posture Control Insoles® to buy. 

  • Check your shoe wear pattern

  • Check your foot mechanics

We'll show you exactly how.  Click to proceed with your "2 minute evaluation".

Would you rather just test them in your shoes?  You'll have what you need with the Perfect Fit™ package giving you both the 3.5 mm and the 6.0 mm pair - the second pair at a 40% discount. 

Relief in just a few days: Start by choosing Gender and Size.

*Choose#1 (low) Arch for flat feet and mild Plantar Fasciitis.  Choose #2 (high) Arch for severe Plantar Fasciitis. Otherwise choose NO arch support.

Perfect Fit™
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