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Our customers have requested we make our insole technology “warm climate” and even more dress shoe friendly than our Ultra Thin Insoles.  So if you love wearing our insoles, but don’t want to wear closed, or lace up shoes all summer, or enjoy living in tropical climates, Solemate™ is for you.   

Exact same technology used in our full length insoles, but designed to either stick in your shoes,sandals, and flip flops or on your feet!  Used both by men and women as an alternative to our regular insoles, and especially appreciated by women who love a variety of shoe styles and high heel shoes. 

The Solemates™ are most effective when attached to the feet. The 4.5 mm thickness work well for people used to wear both 3.5mm and 6.0 mm insoles because they are made of a softer EVA material, and when attached directly to the foot, applies the tactical input exactly where needed.

Try them and you will see these miniature orthotics are just plain fantastic.



Solemate™ works where no other insoles will stay in place.

Stick to the foot or to the shoe.


Getting Started

The ordering process is simple.  Choose your size and how many you want.

Medium fits women's size 6 - 10 and men to size 8 1/2
Large fits women greater than 10 and men 9-up

Comfort MicroLifts

3 pair package      $10.95

12 pair package   $31.85

Durability: On the feet: 1-3 uses.
In shoes: Varies, up to 30 uses.

Solemates single order:


Excellent Customer Service
If you have questions or need some practical assistance, we are here to help you Monday through Friday from 8-5 Pacific time. Don't hesitate to call 888-790-4100.





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