Participate in the Posture Dynamics Mission

There are many ways to participate in the mission of Posture Dynamics which is to "Help millions of people live healthier, more active, pain free and happier lives."  As a professional or an owner of a physical store, you may choose to keep an inventory of Posture Control Insoles® available to your patients, clients and customers or you may choose to refer your  customers to through your own website using banners and text messages.

We have designed an Affiliate Program, that once set up, will work automatically for you.  You will receive a standard 10% commission on every sale (less taxes, shipping and handling) referred through your website, and earn monthly bonuses of up to 10% (see Affiliate Agreement for details).  

The Affiliate Program is open to participants engaged in the sale of health, beauty and athletic products as well as medical products for relieving pain and improving posture and gait.  Posture Control Insoles® are a natural addition for  professionals whose successful therapies and training is enhanced by improved posture and body mechanics.  Coaches and trainers wanting to help their athletes to more power, agility and endurance should include Posture Control Insoles® in their standard recommendations.  If you have concerns about your customers' feet, offering or promoting Posture Control Insoles® is a natural addition.

Your customers will be excited and appreciative for your recommendation.  If you haven't experienced Posture Control Insoles® for yourself, you should get a pair. 

To become an affiliate please read our Affiliate Agreement.  Submitting your application signifies your agreement.   Click here to access the Affiliate Agreement.

Thank you
Posture Dynamics