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Why doctors don't tell you

Unless your doctor is over 80, the reason you're not being told about your posture and how bad posture contributes to causing all kinds of dysfunction and pain is simply lack of familiarity. Posture has not been taught in medical schools since the 1950's. The relationship between biomechanics and heart disease, digestive problems, shortness of breath—even clicking of the jaw and TMJ pain, and who whould have guessed anxiety! Anxiety relates to posture through blood chemistry, breathing patterns and lung volume. Unless you elevate your chest and pull your shoulders back, it is impossibe to completely fill you lungs.  Take a look at the table of contents of the book below, authored by Harvard and University of California physicians back in the 1920s. Surprising isn't it. Fact is, medical students unless they specialize in body mechanics have very little information even about how the feet impact body mechanics and posture. It is not so strange that we receive hundreds of e-mails like this every year.

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"I found out about Morton's Toe in "The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook". I was looking for more information. I got some relief from the remedies suggested in the book, but I felt I needed something more. I can't say I have just one painful area. I seem to have evolved to "bioimplosion" in all its glory. I was a 6 day a week runner for many years and have not been able to run for 5 years. My goal is to train for a triathlon, but my pain has been so bad I haven't slept through the night for many years and doctors later, I finally believe I know what is going on and can resolve it. I am a flight attendant for a major airline and even doing my job (which I really love) has become a real challenge. I've spent hundreds of hours on the internet and in different types of therapy and I am so in hopes of resolving this once and for all. I wish the medical world knew more about this condition and the enormous impact it can have on health. Is there any way I can help get the word out?"

Jacqueline Blanchet

Structural over-pronation, ankles that roll in, and bad posture is common for over 80% of the population

Before Surgery and DrugsThere was Posture

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First printed in 1934 titled Body Mechanics in Health and Disease This book was an essential part of medical education until the field became dominated by surgery and drugs.

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This website is dedicated to musculoskeletal pain, but it is amazing how many doctors do not even draw the connection between foot mechanics and knee pain, hip and back pain.  The fact is that incorrect foot mechanics impacts the whole body including your jaw.  Even TMJ pain is often posture related.  Holistic dentists who specialize in TMJ pain, migraine headaches and facial pain use our insoles on a regular basis.

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As goes the foundation so goes the house

Why are my feet not supporting my body

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