Q & A with Dr. Dennis Cozzocrea

Dr. Dennis Cozzocrea Dr. Dennis Cozzocrea, Precision Spinal Care, Yakima, WA has provided chiropractic care to Yakima residents for 12 years, and has a special interest in children. Two of his four children wear Posture Control Insoles™. Dr. Cozzocrea is an active leader in the Washington State Chiropractic Association.
What did you do to reduce hyperpronation for your patients in the past and how well did it work?

I didnít have a process for helping my patients with hyperpronation problems. Occasionally I would refer them out to get orthotics. Some were happy with them some werenít. Iíve tried a lot of different ones and even went to a seminar to try to learn how to make them but could never find one that I wasnít happy to get out of my shoes by the end of the day.

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How did you go about integrating Posture Control Insoles™ into your practice?

We just started! It wasnít a big deal to implement the use of PCIs into the practice. Itís so quick. Lynn fits the patient on the spot or else schedules them to come back when weíre not seeing patients, as a matter of fact she does it right at the front desk.

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What reasons do you give your patients for purchasing Posture Control Insoles™?

I start by asking patients if they have ever worn orthotics in their shoes. Some have experience some donít. Some were told they needed them but they were too expensive so they didnít get them. Some have inserts they bought from a store, but theyíre not sure what they need, so I give them a brochure.

I tell them that I have tried a lot of different orthotics and have never liked them as much as these. My chiropractor had actually recommended these for me. I was skeptical at first when I tried them but when I wore them for a day or two I was thoroughly impressed with what they did for me.

Theyíll change your posture; theyíll change your gait. Most orthotics donít work like these do when youíre moving, they just support you when youíre standing in place. I demonstrate to them how it changes posture. Usually the most powerful thing is when they go through the fitting process and they can actually see and feel how their knees move straighter with the wedges. I explain to them that when theyíre walking in just a regular pair of shoes their knees are rotating inward and that translates all the way up the body. With these insoles, your knees and hips will move more straight ahead.

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What has been your staffís reaction to fitting Posture Control Insoles™?

Lynn has felt the benefit from wearing PCIs and is very happy with them. She will encourage the patients to try them because of her experience wearing them. She also encourages them to buy additional sets; we offer a better price if itís a second or third pair. No complaints about extra work.

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What is your personal experience wearing Posture Control Insoles™?

In wearing other orthotics I was always aware there was something in my shoe. I wasnít always consciously aware but if I stood and thought about it I could tell there was something in there. And now Iím never aware - Iím aware when I donít have them. I feel it in my ankles; theyíre kind of painful when I walk without them.

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How have your patients responded to Posture Control Insoles™?

They worked really well on my oldest son who is 9. When he was playing soccer it was painful to watch him run. His knees would turn in and his feet would swing out. And now, with the PCIs in his shoes, he runs almost normal. He noticed a dramatic difference so he wants them in his shoes all the time.

Iíve recommended PCIs to some patients that Iíve had a lot of difficulty with in the past, and that have been patients for a while. They have seen better improvement in holding their adjustments and are doing better overall since theyíve started using the PCIs.

I fit my mother in law. She had never shared with me about her foot problems, but when she heard about the PCIs she told me that she had seen her podiatrist and had purchased a pair of orthotics. They didnít work so well, and they charged her every time she went in to have them adjusted. I fit her in PCIs, and that was that. She loves them.

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What are your patientsí objections to wearing Posture Control Insoles™?

The only objection I have heard from my patients is having to switch them from one shoe to the other. Itís probably the only thing and then thatís just a reason for them to buy another pair so they donít have to switch them.

Some patients are reluctant to spend the money, they arenít sure if their insurance will cover it. Generally price isnít much of an issue because PCIs are so much less than orthotics.

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Have there been any adverse reactions?

As far as adverse reactions, some patients have said they were a little sore for a couple days. Their 1st metatarsal was sore or they felt a little bit of pain on the top portion of their foot for a couple of days that went away. I felt that also when I first started to wear them.

I tell my patients that thatís normal. As their foot adapts they may feel a little soreness and not to use them too long each day. Or just put up with the pain if they are going to use them all day at first (not following the break-in instructions.)

I describe the type of pain they might feel as a little bit of soreness like theyíve been exercising their feet or legs a lot.

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How do you determine which patients need to wear Posture Control Insoles™?

So far Iíve fit patients that presented with complaints about hip, knee, leg and foot pain - people who are on their feet a lot. I have noticed a change in my shoulder since I started wearing them, so the range of complaints will probably expand.

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