Q & A with Dr. Carl Jelstrup

Dr. Carl Jelstrup Dr. Carl Jelstrup, Family Health Center, Bellevue, WA has been in practice for over 30 years. He has treated several generations within the same families which has allowed him some unique observations. Family Health Center has just moved to its new 3000 sq.ft. facility, and has actively incorporated Posture Control Insoles™ in his practice routine since early February.
What did you do to reduce hyperpronation for your patients in the past and how well did it work?

We used custom-made orthotics. It was a good product that served its purpose, but there were many problems we were not able to solve.

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How did you go about integrating Posture Control Insoles™ into your practice?

My chiropractic assistant takes care of the whole process. When she has determined the appropriate insole for the patient, I come in for the final check. I do the initial explanation to the patients. Many times when the patient has an obvious problem but they have no pain, they are usually oblivious to the problem, and thereby also oblivious to the consequences. We see this with foot problems as well as with bite problems. Of course, at times we see patients with serious problems where we have to contact a podiatrist, but overall we can handle over 90% of the cases ourselves.

She explains the principals of the standard insoles and hyperpronation and she explains the new concept of the technology developed by Dr. Rothbart, and she explains the importance of the correction to the patient.

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What reasons do you give your patients for purchasing Posture Control Insoles™?

I point out their faulty gait pattern and I point out the effects of a faulty gait pattern on the rest of the skeleton. I explain that in detail; how the resulting stress patterns manifest themselves through the knees, through their sacro-iliac joint, lower lumbars, lower dorsals, mid dorsal through the mid dorsal cervical junction and finally all the way up to the temporal mandibular joint.

I recommend Posture Control Insoles™ as an effective solution for my patients that hyperpronate. It is simple and I demonstrate the concept. They get it and they usually purchase several pair.

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What has been your staff’s reaction to fitting Posture Control Insoles™?

Extremely positive reaction. It is easy work, and the patients have been extremely happy.

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Are there advantages to require patients to wear Posture Control Insoles™ for certain treatments?

I don’t make PCIs mandatory for all patients, but if I see a faulty gait pattern, I deal with that gait pattern first.

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Do you feel like you have to sell your patients on Posture Control Insoles™?

I have never had a concept that I have to sell anything to my patients. I have always had the focus that I need to find out what the patients need, and consequently, I have never felt that I have to sell anything.

Nobody would have to be timid about recommending PCIs if they learn a process whereby they could test the results on the feet. There are many concepts within AK which would apply to this problem. So if you test the patient, and through the testing provide information to the patient that there is indeed a weakness happening throughout the skeleton and I may say such a testing shouldn’t take over 5 minutes at the most, with communication.

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What is your patients’ first reaction when they see the Posture Control Insoles™?

My patients are not skeptical. I think this is because we are a family clinic, and we have served our patients for nearly 30 years.

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What are your patients’ objections to wearing Posture Control Insoles™?

None at all. They have been very pleased, and are very happy. We have been able to hit the platform so to say with almost all of our fittings. In a small percentage, there have been problems we have not been able to correct with the PCIs.

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Have there been any adverse reactions?

There have been no adverse reactions.

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Why would you recommend other chiropractors consider using Posture Control Insoles™ in their practice?

It’s a very effective method to relieve many problems in case handling in the practice.

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6 months from now, what percentage of your patients do you think will wear Posture Control Insoles™?

Close to 100%. Over the long term I believe a majority of my patients will be wearing PCIs because once someone gets that a simple process can solve a complicated problem, they’re going to continue with it.

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How would you describe the benefits of wearing Posture Control Insoles™?

Less pain.

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On a scale of 1-10 how much do PCIs help patient treatment versus the same treatment without Posture Control Insoles™?

I would rate Posture Control Insoles highly when it comes to helping us achieve our treatment goals for our patients. On a 1-10 I’ll give that an 8.

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How did you decide to provide Posture Control Insoles™ to your patients?

I read the handbook. It impressed me. I tested it and it worked out. I was also familiar with the concepts from past experience, as I had worked with Dr. Rothbart 10 years ago.

Being a chiropractor, my primary interest is structure. It has bothered me over the years that many practitioners in their field have not fully embraced the fact that structure does indeed affect function on many levels. I feel that if you are going to be a successful doctor today, with the enormity of foot problems that has affected this nation you have to integrate a full understanding of foot care. And you have to integrate a full understanding of dental care. As we see human beings start to go into degenerative patterns in the cranium as well as the feet, it has dire consequences on the health. There are too few doctors today that can appreciate this concept. Many chiropractors are adjusting strictly the spine. You cannot obtain a permanent result in the spine unless you also address the cranial problems and the problems of the feet.

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How do you determine which patients need to wear Posture Control Insoles™?

I study the feet of the patient and I study their gait pattern, how they walk and how the knees move in relationship to the feet.

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Do you have a philosophy that predisposes you to use Posture Control Insoles™?

Always check the gait pattern, because if you don’t, you’re going to miss problems further up the spine.

I have seen generations of people. I have pointed this out to the mothers, and now the offspring is worse. Often the problems are related from mother to son and from father to daughter, so you can check this, and the scary part is that the problems are getting a lot worse. It is a little bit like diabetes. Before we had diabetes, it was a problem and many people were affected, but now it is pandemic and we are starting to look at diabetes as part of our civilization. We will also be starting to look at posture control and the need for Posture Control Insoles as part of our civilization. This is indeed part of the breakdown process of the structural system with far reaching neurological consequences.

I focus on gait pattern as well as the bite pattern. The movement of the feet provides a strong input to the central nervous system, and the bite pattern equally provides input to the central nervous system, so if you have the bite pattern and the gait pattern under control, your work as a chiropractor becomes immensely easier.

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