The Foot Connection Seminar

  • Learn why foot mechanics perpetuate pain and weaken athletic performance.

  • Learn how to interpret foot and body motion.

  • Learn how to improve the foot foundation and set the body on a path to healing.

  • Learn why custom orthotics produce mixed and unpredictable results.

This course is designed to teach you how foot mechanics directly influence posture and body mechanics, and how distortions in either is the root cause of most musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain. You will learn how to assess foot and gait mechanics without expensive tools, recognize compensation patterns and how to better manage patients or clients through properly correcting foot mechanics.

Topics covered include:

  • Posture - The Overlooked Health Connection
    Kinetic and Meningeal Chains

  • Morton's Foot - The Elevated First Metatarsal

  • Foot Function - The Hip Drive

  • Hyperpronation Defined

  • Postural and Phasic Muscle Response

  • The Proprioceptive Chain

  • Neuromuscular Compensation

  • Shoe Wear Patterns - What They Reveal

  • Arch Supports - History - Purpose - Mechanics

  • The “UN” Holy Grail - Roots Biomechanics

  • Paradigm Shift - Forefoot/Rearfoot Perspectives

  • From Art to Quantification - Forefoot Correction

The seminar will incorporate demonstrations and audience participation. Each attendee will receive seminar and reference materials.

Posture Dynamics will issue a certificate of attendance for 6 hours of continued education.

Presented by:

Bjorn Svae BSEE, MBA

Mr. Svae has spent 12 years commercializing the work of a podiatrist and in the process, continues to learn from the experience of hundreds of professionals ranging from general practice MDs to osteopaths, physical, occupational and massage therapists, chiropractors—even dentists, athletic trainers and coaches, and equally important, the patients and clients who are the ultimate beneficiaries.
While focusing on the role of the feet in overall health, integrating the knowledge and experience of so many practitioners has offered Mr. Svae a unique perspective that combined with his natural engineering curiosity will give you new tools and knowledge to more effectively help your patients and clients overcome musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain.
Mr. Svae is the President of Posture Dynamics, Olympia, WA. After graduating from the University of Washington, Mr. Svae worked for nine years in design, development and marketing of medical diagnostic ultrasound systems. Being an entrepreneur at heart, his career has gravitated toward emerging technologies and start-up ventures. Mr. Svae, co-founded GRD BioTech, Inc. in 1998 and founded Posture Dynamics in 2001 as a marketing extension of GRD. GRD later acquired Posture Dynamics and elected to continue its operations under the same name.

Mr. Svae has presented variations of his lectures in multiple settings including:

The William Beaumont Army Medical Center—Integrative Medicine, El Paso, TX
Sacro Occipital Technique Organization Annual Meeting, St. Louis , MO
Tennessee Health and Safety Organization Annual Meeting, Nashville. TN
Coaches Choice Northwest All Sports Clinic, Seattle WA
Integrating BioPhysics based Technologies in Clinical Practice, Phoenix AZ
Montana Coaches Association All Sports Coaching Clinic, Great Falls, MT

..is the staggering annual cost of musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain. It is one of the costliest problems for American individuals and industry. Associated medical expenses alone amount to $510 billion annually, and Americans loose $339 billion every year in wages because they are unable to work.
The solution requires a holistic approach that deals with form and function—like the connection between posture and body mechanics. Overshadowed by drugs and surgical solutions, the connection between posture and health has not been taught in medical schools for decades. This in spite of the fact that the impact of musculoskeletal disease on health and productivity is greater than that of both circulatory and respiratory diseases. Increased pressure on cost and availability of surgical and drug interventions will greatly expand the market for sound, effective holistic solutions. As a result, an increasing number of holistic practitioners are expanding their focus to more successfully treat chronic pain with less dependence on “state-of-the-art” drugs and surgery. With this holistic approach you will improve patient/client outcomes-clinically, emotionally and financially. This seminar will help you prepare for the upcoming demand.
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Time: Saturday April 2, 2011 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM


Harrison Medical Center Silverdale
1800 NW Myhre Road
Silverdale, WA 98383

Garden Room

This seminar is hosted by Harrison Memorial Hospital Silverdale and is offered to health care practitioners and sports professionals who share our interest in helping people perform and feel better by avoiding musculoskeletal dysfunction.  The $125.00 tuition does not include meals or lodging. Lodging is available at nearby hotels.


From the North, take HWY 3 to exit marked Silverdale and East Bremerton. At the top of the ramp, take a left onto HWY 303. Take the first exit onto Ridgetop Blvd. Take first left into Harrison Medical Center parking lot. Park on the lowest level and enter through the door near the flagpole.

From the South, take HWY 3 exit marked Silverdale. (use B exit ramp). This will put you onto HWY 303. Take first exit onto Ridgetop Blvd. Take first left into Harrison Medical Center... as described above.

To get to HWY 3: From the North, take the Edmonds-Kingston Ferry, From Seattle, take the Seattle-Bremerton Ferry or the Fontleroy-Southworth Ferry, or via Tacoma and the Narrows Bridge.

Local Hotels:

Silverdale Beach Hotel ($72-$90 per night)
3073 NW Bucklin Hill Rd
Silverdale, WA 98383

Oxford Inn Silverdale ($71-$99 per night)
9734 NW Silverdale Way
Silverdale, WA 98383

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