The foremost reason for adding Posture Control Insoles™ to your arsenal of tools is simply that you patients will love you for it.  The benefits they  reap will make you a hero.

Probably the only way we can convince you that this statement is true is to have you test a pair yourself.  We're a small company, so we can't give them away, but we'll give you the provider price. 

Posture Dynamics, Inc. offers a full functional satisfaction guarantee.  If the product does not work for your patient, we'll restock you with a replacement pair. 

You'll get referrals.  Women frequently talk about their bodies, problems and solutions.  Posture Control Insoles™ is a solution they'll share.  You will even see husbands come in to be fit with Posture Control Insoles™. 

The concept of stabilizing the foot foundation before you work on the body inherently makes sense to your patients.  But until now, the price tag has been too high, and the products were too complicated, unpredictable and uncomfortable.  Posture Control Insoles™ work every time you use them.  Patients find them comfortable, affordable and will often buy a second pair. 

Finally it makes good financial sense to become a Posture Control Insole™ provider.   If you haven't already, take a look at the potential financial impact.

Call us at any time.  We'll be glad to answer your questions.  Toll free 888-790-4100.

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